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Picture from a visit to England with my little family where my husband and I tried new brews while I rocked a teething necklace. A mom's job is never done haha

A blog… I’ve started a small business and in today’s day that means I should also start a blog. A blog? Who’s going to read this? My gut tells me that it will be limited to close family and very dedicated friends, and I’m beyond thankful for those individuals. Honestly, even with all the support and endless possibilities I have no earthly idea what I want to blog about. The structured part of me wants to have a very focused front and only share with the world a polished version of the thoughts in my head on a schedule… but after 33 years of getting to know myself I don’t think reality will allow me the time or the sanity. Maybe one day I’ll be organized enough to share my “look of he month” every first Tuesday but today is not that day. Today is Saturday and happens to be my birthday so that's exciting enough for me for now. Imaginary hat tip to those who have come before me and achieved the likes of such organization btw.

So what am I going to blog about? The jury is still out on that front but I know a few pebbles of truth to cling to at the start. We all have to start somewhere, right? This isn’t going to be a place where you learn new recipes because I’m not that good. I did not go to culinary school and my flavor combinations are still pretty basic but presented as tried and true and have, thankfully, served me well thus far. In the years to come I do plan to focus on this and expand my knowledge but it will all stem from my love of food and eating said food. It’s really more of a self-serving goal if I’m being truthful with my inner fat girl. Heck, outer fat girl these days. But seriously, why would I share recipes? I want you to buy stuff from me, not make it yourself. Gosh!

This will not be a blog filled with tutorials for various skill levels because I’ve not mastered any of them. I am learning everyday and am far from perfect. I’m not saying that to be humble – I’m saying that because I’m terribly judgmental and I need to keep myself in check. God bless the people who work in the bakery sections of grocery stores and I'm sorry that your cake boarders are so big all the time. I get it - it's a time thing. I'm sorry I can't walk past the cakes and not think snooty snobby thoughts. If you decorate cakes, you know that I'm right. If you don't decorate cakes, just know that I'm right. Those giant boarders are the socks with sandals guy who doesn't give a shart.

This will not be a blog coming from an expert as I do not hold myself in that high of a regard. I’ve known experts who shine in their respective fields. I’m married to one, in fact. I, however, have been blessed with many, many life experiences and multiple career opportunities and I can honestly say that I’ve not been bored. However, due to my ever-evolving path in this life, one of my biggest weaknesses is the fact that I’ve not perfected any of the crafts I’ve tried my hand at due to my own limitations. Collectively speaking, I’ve done weddings the longest with a focus on cakes - so that’s my starting point. Advice for future brides? 1) Remember to eat - food is fuel and today matters. 2) Remember to smile on your walk down the aisle - You paid a photographer and people have smart phones so focus on your joy and smile. 3) Remember that something, if not many things, will not go according to your plan. At the end of the day you're getting married and that's all that matters.

Oh man... being a wedding planner was fun. Back to the point: After investigating the various things that I either don’t want this blog to be or know in my heart that it will not be capable of achieving, I feel a bit more confidant on what it will be… eventually. This will be written while drinking, I know that. This will be a place that encourages open conversation, I know that. I hope to see thoughts, questions, concerns, shared celebrations, encouragement, critical feedback, and humanity to name a few. That’s a lot to expect when the main topic of conversation revolves around cake for the time being – especially on the internet. (I see you, trolls). I will do my best to be thought provoking and share what insight I’ve gained and hold to be true because this life is too short to make all the mistakes on your own; be it with fondant or bigger picture concepts. People have described me as “creative” my whole life and I’ve never felt worthy of that title. My hope is to earn it everyday moving forward and put myself out there more and more because in today’s day I have no excuse not to… so I’m starting a blog and a small business. Cheers to a New Year and starting whatever your want! A blog! Haha!

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