Post Surgery

Hello! I'm so thankful that I'm able to jab at my computer a bit haha! Carpal tunnel surgery is no joke, y'all. I've had both my hands operated on and am through the worst of the recovery. Some friends and family have questioned why on Earth I would do both hands at once rather than one at a time. My reasoning was mostly built around having to be put under completely for the surgery. I chose to only have all that anesthesia in my body once. Dealing with the recovery has been very challenging and I feel good about only having to go through this process once as well. Still super limited on abilities but getting better every day. Thankfully, my mother was able to come in rather last minute to help with the kids and my husband has really stepped up his game in daily tasks as well as taking care of me. I've been off the grid as of late but all the messages and well-wishes that have come in certainly have helped to lift my spirits. Although, I must extend my apologies for my slow replies.

My further apologies to all my loyal customers who have reached out with requests that I have been unable to accommodate. The biggest complement is when I'm told I'll be thought of for future events. Shout out to everyone who has allowed me to be a part of their celebrations in the past and plans to allow me to do so again when I am able. You're understanding in my delay really does mean the world to me.

Before I get too emotional about how blessed I feel on matters let me get emotional about how real this surgery has been for me. My hands have always been a source of creativity for me and therefore a great outlet. To have that slip away slowly over the past few years via carpal tunnel pains was easily denied mentally and somewhat bearable to overlook physically. To have my abilities simply stripped away over the course of a few hours, of which I don't recall, is quite different. To be clear, when I say "abilities" I mean to encompass much more than my artistic comforts. I mean everything that I use my hands for. Everything. Brushing my own teeth or hair. Preparing food. Simple, daily tasks were all of a sudden impossible for me to accomplish for myself - not to mention for my children. The biggest struggle (that I don't claim ownership of having overcome) is dealing with the fact that I've been rendered utterly useless for a week now. Update: almost two weeks now. Mentally, that didn't put me in a good place for a while. Thankfully, signs of improvement have been showing... slowly, but they are there. I was finally able to slip my rings back on my fingers so that tells me the massive swelling has gone down. Small wins, y'all.

All of the pity party above aside I'd like to end my thoughts with equal, if not exemplified, well wishes returned to you and yours. Dear reader, take a moment to do something that makes you happy today. Hold your loved ones close for a moment longer simply because you have the ability to do so. Make something purely for the joy of the hobby. Be thankful you can wipe your own butt. Whatever makes you happy. With so much going on in the world: our politics, our health... don't forget to carve out a minute or more for yourself because it really does make a difference in your outlook. It's also beneficial for everyone, when you think about it. I'm way more likely to treat a stranger with kindness if I'm in a good mood haha! So find your happiness and be kind to one another in whatever capacity you are able. It will make the world a sweeter place and that's the overall goal we strive for daily.

Thank you again for all the good vibes that you've been sending. All things considered, I'm doing well. The long term gain of having pain-free and capable hands is worth giving up the end of my January for recovery. I'm very much looking forward to getting my hands dirty again with new projects and custom orders. I've been focusing on a quick and perfect healing process for my hands, their newfound strength, and the complete relief that I'll experience thanks to this surgery. If you think of me over the next few days, I'd appreciate the positive association with those manifestations. As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful day Xoxo

The best part of this picture is the new blanket my husband gifted me. Fun Fact: I am one of those people who is constantly freezing.

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