Part of the party

I get thought of when someone is throwing a party. Not because I'm super popular or anything. It's because I offer custom desserts and what's a party without cake? It may sound silly but I love this. In it's own strange way it really does make me feel like I'm part of the celebration. Most of my clients are mothers looking to have a special cake made for their child's birthday party. My second biggest demand would be baby showers or gender reveal cakes of some sort. On occasion I get to do a cake for a husband but those are few and far between. Now that I say that, I would love to work with more husbands to make a special dessert for their amazing wives. That's only happened once but she loved the macarons and I got free range to decorate however I wanted. Other than that I have a couple of regular corporate orders but regardless of what the treat is, I feel lucky to be a part of the party. My husband is regularly surprised at how important the cake is to events across the board; but he's a beer guy at heart so I understand his amazement.

The customers are the most important part of any business, big or small, right? So the fact that I am always reached out to when someone is planning something fun automatically makes my job and interaction with people fun. Custom anything means there's plenty of room for communication and mapping out the perfect cake for a first birthday is one of the best things I get to do. Sharing in conversation with with a step-parent who's planning the perfect birthday bash for a teenager is exciting. Creating unlikely flavor combinations for the repeat client who wants to try something new is the most fun way to keep things fresh. I love that I get to be a part of the planning process because I too, am a planner. Clients have reached out to me as much as 3 months in advance and I get that on a personal level.

My point is that for all of my orders, even last minute ones, I'm being contacted to help make a celebration even better and I love that. I love getting to know whatever it is that the kid is into these days. Race cars, Lego, Sesame Street, unicorns, avocados, Batman, soccer, sharks, Thomas the Train, horses, or open signs - they are all so cool and I'm always so happy to make whatever puts a smile on those faces. I feel special getting to know what a mother has lovingly chosen to be the theme of their baby's first birthday and I feel honored to be trusted with an eatable centerpiece that ties it all together. Getting to know the gender of a baby for a couple who will cut into a cake that I made to find out what they are having - y'all... I can't describe how excited that makes me. Just to be a part of the pure joy that is a celebration makes this little business of mine so fun. Even more so now that I'm a mother, myself.

So shout out to all my clients who've shared pictures of the party with me the next day or taken the time to write me complements that melt my heart. Thank you for the recommendations and thinking of me again and again when it's your time to celebrate or you see someone else looking for a special dessert. Thank you for letting me know that my work met and exceeded your expectations for the special day that you spent so many hours planning to make perfect. It means a lot to me and I'm super thankful that my line of work is pretty much guaranteed to put me into contact with happy people who are about to party and make wonderful memories together. Sincerely, thank you for letting me be a part of the celebration!

Vivian turned 1 last month and while I've yet to meet this beautiful little girl, I got the honor of making her cake and smash cake. Insider tip - almond cream cheese icing is the next big thing according to this little lady!

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