Expanding the Brand

Many, many, many people have inquired as to why I chose to have a dragonfly as my main logo and such an obscure name when I'm offering custom cakes. Why not do a dessert based logo and company name so customers have a better shot of recognizing what I do? The thought process that I started with is that I didn't ever want to do JUST cakes. I want to do lots of things. I want a lot of people to do a lot of things with me and today I get the overwhelming pleasure of announcing that outpast2 is actually evolving towards becoming more of my vision that started this venture so many moons ago.

My little business is growing just as I need it to and I started plotting with some very talented individuals the other day about how to get the momentum even higher. Through the margaritas we came to the mutual conclusion that starting a small business is hard. I mean, really. You know that's an understatement and if you've taken the time to read any of my previous blogs you know that I'm in a blessed situation right now to be able to attempt mine. But the problem is that I want to do more and I already know that I don't have the time, space, or overhead capital to take on what that means right now. I'm even more certain that I don't have the ability to pay someone to help me. So what's a girl to do?

This girl is going to work towards a launch that expands outpast2 by dedicating a section to local artists who want to share their passions with the public but maybe aren't able to throw themselves into it like the average business person is required to these days. I've decided to open myself up to a mutually beneficial relationship with individuals who want to offer their specialties but haven't found the best platform that meets their needs. I hope to be that platform and I hope to grow exponentially by combining forces with new talents moving forward. Eventually, I want outpast2 to have several branches of business including but not limited to Home Decor, Pottery, Clothing, Jewelry, and Small Accessories. This blog is my first tangible and public step to keeping my self accountable to those goals. One day at time though, right?

So how's it going to work? Once an artist is recruited, they will do their craft in their own time. All I need is a price and a picture to be able to share and promote. We will keep it as simple as humanly possible as I want it to be a successful arrangement for all involved.

So please stay tuned and keep an eye out for all the new items that will be offered though outpast2. I will continue to offer custom desserts and love every sugar coated minute of it but I do hope that some of these new artists will be able to provide exciting goods and services for your special event or just your average Tuesday in conjunction with my tasty treats. Internally, we will do all the leg work to keep the ordering and buying process simple and clean for our amazing clients. At the end of every day I know I wouldn't be successful in any sense of the word without those people who have allowed me to provide cakes for them repeatedly and I am thankful.

The story of how I landed on the dragonfly inspiration for my logo and the context that makes the phrase "out past two" special to me will have to come another time and I hope it's of interest to at least some of you. For now I'm going to glow for a moment at the thought of growing my business baby.

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have." - Maya Angelou

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