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Hey all and happy Sunday to you! I've recently decided to start guiding this blog in the direction of recommendations for products that I've previously purchased through Amazon. Each entry will include a link that would give me just a little bit of a kick back should you feel the urge to purchase anything I've highlighted. It seems self evident that the main focus would be geared towards the easiest tools to use; meant for someone who is tinkering with the idea of decorating or simply wants to add a few items to their DIY arsenal. Obviously if this doesn't pertain to your interests, please feel free to simply order custom desserts from me directly ;)

Today I want to focus on a relatively new tool. When I say that, please know it's about a decade old but I realized my age only recently. They were not part of the inventory at any of the bakeries I've worked at over my collective 13 years in the cake business but that doesn't not mean they weren't a thing. My co-workers and I just always previously considered them a kind of "cheat", if that gives you any context for how easy they are.

I see them commonly referred to as "Russian Tips" and to be perfectly honest I have no idea why as they don't seem to have any sort of Russian origin. These tips are different from the average cake decorating tips because they have a detailed design already cut out that allows any skill user to create a variety of beautiful flowers with little to no effort. They are available in many options and if you've ever been intimidated by icing flowers these are an incredible starting point.

One pro-tip that I will pass along regarding icing flowers that is applicable regardless of the tools your using is the secret of powdered sugar. Flowers need to be made from a relatively stiff icing in order to hold up. This can be particularly difficult if you're making dark colored flowers like a deep red or navy, for example. The more food coloring you add to any batch the more runny your icing will be and this can result in droopy flowers. Add powdered sugar to the mix slowly and fully incorporate till smooth till you reach your desired stiffness. It makes a world of difference, I promise.

If you're interested in giving the Russian tips a go, here is a small starter set that's very inexpensive but will get the job done and still allow you to experiment with a few cuts. It even includes a tri-tip nozzle if your feeling fancy with colors. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Throw back to a Mother's Day cupcake 2019

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