Easy 4th of July Cupcakes

Hi all! Back in January when I first started this blog I didn't know really what I wanted to focus on. Over the last 6 months, outpast2 has had the leisurely pleasure of developing in it's own time and at it's own pace. In that time I've come to the realization that I have no problem attempting to become something of an "influencer", as the young kids might say. This is with full intentions to make a little bit more money through recommendations of products that I already had or have purchased for a project. Having said that, I think it most fitting that my first product recommendation be released on Independence Day here in America - the land of opportunity.

I wanted to take a second to highlight a little package that I ordered before my family when out of town. I left knowing that I would come back to a quick turn around for a 4th of July celebration where I needed to bring something. Naturally, I signed up for a dessert. As the owner of a small business selling custom desserts (for the time), there is no lack of pressure felt to bring a sweet that not only tastes good but looks the part, too. My foreseeable problem today was time. We got in late last night after being gone for 4 days and on top of needing to make a dessert that's ready in less than a day, I faced the usual mountain of house chores that most moms wake up to daily. Thankfully, I also had the insight to premeditate a solution and order these Patriotic Cupcake Foil Liners and Eatable Confetti Sprinkles. However, they are not available anymore so here's the next best thing. Fun Pix This is something new and fun that I'm still learning about this whole Amazon Associates thing. For as much as I love the conveniences that is Amazon, the repeat product is not always a guarantee. Good to know.

These little guys were the biggest bang for my buck online and incredibly easy. Anyone can throw some cupcakes together and sprinkle a little red, white, and blue on them to help the festivities. There's no complicated design to make fireworks out of fondant, no sticky mess from a new recipe, and there's plenty leftover to use for a different project. It's all you need except for the actual cupcake and you can always feel free to come to me if you need help with those :) These bad boys were a good choice and I'm happy to say that I would order them again. Hope this helps someone looking for a fun and easy dessert design!

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