Cheers to Change

Recently, I announced that I would be closing my kitchen doors due to a long awaited renovation that is finally becoming a reality in our home. Admittedly, it's not something that I honestly expected to take place during a pandemic/appliance shortage but somehow we're working it in by necessity. While I'm very thankful for the kitchen update, it pains me beyond words to once again pause my small business. My loyal customer base is not indestructible and it gives me a great deal of anxiety to turn down orders from my repeat clients. I know it's nothing personal and I'm sure no one is taking it as such, but since this little blog is pretty much centered around my feelings... I feel terrible. If I could accommodate everyone, I absolutely would. I feel so lucky to have people contacting me wanting to pay me actual dollar bills to support a fun hobby. That's incredible.

Once again, I've shifted my thoughts towards creating other pieces of art and stuff. My intentions will be centered on "celebration" as I've recently discovered this to be the foundation of my little business. That feeling of wanting to throw a party to celebrate something is the base for my business. Having said that, for as crazy as 2020 has been I've actually got a lot to celebrate. Many of you know we welcomed our second daughter into our family this year. Both our girls are happy and healthy and that alone is enough reason for any mother to celebrate on a daily basis. Now, as we come to a close on the year and my kitchen has temporary closed, I've finally gotten around to investigating an ongoing pain point that I've learned to work through. Hopefully it can be rectified and I can work a little less on that front moving forward.

It's not something that I've talked about to very many people but my hands hurt. They started hurting during my first pregnancy and I've been waiting for over 3 years now for them to go back to normal. Despite all the actions I've taken to counteract the pain they've only gotten worse and decorating cakes hasn't gotten any easier. Late November I finally sought out some professional help. It didn't take long to be diagnosed with a case of carpal tunnel in both my hands. As I'm writing this, I am awaiting a call to schedule surgery for my hands and I am hopeful that the procedure will take place before the end of this year. So, if all goes well then I'll have one more thing to be thankful for even in the midst of the most insane year that I've lived through.

Obviously, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I'm thankful that timing-wise I've already planned a little break from my business so that I won't have to pause it yet again during my recovery period. However, I've never been one to get excited about surgery in general so I'm a little hesitant to fully accept that I have to take yet another trip into the hospital during the pandemic. Also, it's not set yet. Granted, our appliances aren't due to arrive until April-ish so I have some time between now and my grand re-reopening... but I don't like going into 2021 with so much of the year predetermined as a wash for my business. The whole situation does kind of put a damper on my thought process regarding making other hand crafted items as well. I'm having to reimagine what that all means for me and I'm leaning heavily towards t-shirts as opposed to some of the more intricate items I had originally gotten excited about.

So, as we close out this year and enter a new one I am in a state of mind that is slightly overwhelmed by change. Like many small businesses, I've faced my set of challenges this year. I'm thankful to have survived them all thus far and hesitantly optimistic for the future. I wish 2021 was a hard new start right at midnight but I suspect that my small business will be more or less set aside for the first quarter. Please don't forget about me! More importantly, please find reasons to celebrate -I'd love to contribute to them as soon as I am able. In the meantime, thank you for reading this. Have a wonderful day and be kind to each other because you never know what pain someone is dealing with but not talking about...

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