A Year of Firsts

This month's actual highlight of the month was celebrating my second daughter's first birthday - although it wasn't anything like what I had planned in my head. A year ago, we didn't realize we were on the verge of facing a global pandemic. When I clawed my way into the hospital fighting contractions, I had no idea that the three days I spent there delivering Colette would be the very last shred of "normal" my family would experience for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, we were blessed with a happy and healthy little girl who has brought us joy everyday since her arrival and she is blissfully ignorant in regards to the state of the world.

The foundation of my business is centered around the feeling you get when you have something to celebrate. It goes without saying that 2020 took a toll on that feeling but even without the devastating reality of COVID, my little business was forced to come to a hard stop for a few reasons. I probably sound tired saying this over and over again, but I had to undergo carpel tunnel surgery on both my hands mid January. In addition to that, our oven that was original to our 1992 home finally decided to call it quits back in November. Due to the pandemic appliances in general are on backorder so we're actually still waiting for that delivery. Needless to say, I haven't been operating at full speed for a while now.

If you know me then you know I'm a planner. Guess when I started planning Colette's first birthday party. Go ahead... Guess. It was when I was about 13 weeks along and we got the gender results from the precautionary genetic tests. I landed on "Alice in Onederland" and she was even gifted with a cute little Alice outfit and everything. I was all about making the decorations right down to the doorknob. Since Colette has an older sister, I was planning to have activities for her friends where they could actually "paint the roses red" and such. I wanted to up my sugar cookie game with the most detailed edible art I had attempted to date and OF COURSE I wanted to make a smash cake for my baby girl to destroy for fun. None of that happened and her party had a grand total of one guest who was able to join.

I will forever be thankful that Nana Carter (my husband's mom) was able to make the flight into Denver to celebrate with us. Braving the weather, she helped make some wonderful memories with our baby girl and took us all out to the gem of a local steakhouse that we have hiding right around the corner from our home. Magically, Colette mastered using a spoon when she was served her own chocolate moose with a candle on top in lieu of a smash cake. Admittedly, it was nothing like what I had been planning but I'm so thankful to have the memories exactly as they are.

This past year has taught me a great deal about being more flexible. It has humbled me, brought me to tears, and forced me to spend time with myself. This past year has helped me grow my business in ways that don't look good on paper but are impactful on it's long term success. It has thrown so many wrenches into all my plans and created problems I never thought I'd have to face. This past year has been a trip but it's also been full of firsts that have taken me across the emotional spectrum and back again. I'm thankful for the reasons I have to celebrate and I hope that every person taking the time to read this little note finds a reason to party even if it's got a guestlist of one. Be kind I hope the world smiles back at you in a way that genuinely makes you happy.

Colette celebrating her first birthday

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