Custom Cakes

Step 1: How many people are you looking to serve? 
Take a look at the serving sizes to get a feel for what size and shape cake you are in need of to get a baseline starting point. Always feel free to Contact Me with questions or special requests. 
Step 2: What flavor(s) would you like? 
Take a look at the variety of flavors, fillings, and icing options that I offer on a regular basis. Please note that there is an up-charge for specialty flavors due to ingredients and/or time. 
Step 3: What do you want it to look like? 
Did you see a cake online you liked? Different aspects of several cakes? Do you have a theme or a party invitation/napkin you'd like a cake to mirror? Would you rather just keep it simple? This is probably the most complicated part and I am more than happy to get as detailed or as open-ended as you want. Feel free to flood me with images, ask questions, tell me everything you like or dislike about an inspiration. Custom means there are a lot of options so let's talk about them and find what's best for you. This is your custom order - I want to get it right for you!